Welcome to a window into our world.
We have been fortunate enought to have lived in various places around the world and have enjoyed and been challenged by the faith, education, wildlife, work, culture and people we have encountered. These experiences have also moulded us in our thinking and contemplation. Some insights we have shared below.

About us

We are the parents of a family with an international flavor which comes from being born, married, working and living on the three continents of Europe, Asia, and North America.

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Our family has split into several streams of life. Ben and Mackenzie live in Michigan on route to Nashville, Joshua is studying at Oxford and Charys is at Worcester University. We (Kevin & Linsey) are currently working as Ministers with Springwater Church helping the church transition from a period of pain and uncertainty into a more strategic and focused path that enables Springwater to witness to the reality of Gods kingdom, the life of Jesus Christ and is able to support the surrounding community.

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