Welcome to a window into our world.
We have been fortunate enought to have enjoyed and been challenged by the faith, education, wildlife, work, culture and people we have encountered in the various places around the world that we have lived in. These experiences have moulded our thinking and lifestyle.


We are currently in Southern California for the run up to Ben & Mackenzie's wedding; It's hot, dusty and very sunny.

The wedding is on the 30th July.
As parents of the groom, we are responsible for the rehearsal dinner which in itself will, hopefully, be a fun experience for all the family. It's a time when all the wedding party and family members, who are in town, can get together in an informal manner. 
As far as I am aware, this is not a regular part of the marriage tradition in the UK.

It's our first child and the first sibling getting married, and we would appreciate your prayers as I am sure we will face a whole range of physical and emotional adventures. Most of which are likely to focus on the emotions and changes occurring within our small family. And all magnified by the fact that we live in different countries.

We are so blessed to have Mackenzie become part of the Potter family and that we can be grafted in with the Loudon
family. Please pray that Ben and Mackenzie would be saturated with love and that their cup of blessings would be “shaken, stirred, pressed down and overflowing” with the provision and shalom of God as they embark on this adventure.
Also, pray they would soon get an interview date for their spousal green card application, and they would have a successful interview. 

Many thanks to you all for the intercession and prayers that you have given over the years for Josh. He recently graduated from the London School of Communication with a First Class Honours and is hawking his current book to various publishers both in the UK and the USA. Sadly he will not be able to make his graduation ceremony in London due to being the best man at Ben’s wedding. He did, however, create a great personal experience, which he is writing about, by taking a road trip across America, starting in Boston and finishing in Pasadena.

Charys is enjoying being back in the LA area reconnecting with friends and looking forward to her role as groomswoman in Ben’s wedding. All of this before she returns to the UK and launches on her next adventure at the University of Worcester. Pray for her as there is a lot to complete and as she spends time unpacking the challenges of her internship with Oasis in Belgium. She found herself two jobs within a week of being back from Belgium so has been very busy adjusting to many different challenges. 

We thank God that Linsey recently submitted the first draft of her final thesis, but after meeting with her tutor, she does have quite a lot of tweaking to do before it can be presented as a final submission. Linsey would appreciate your prayers that this can be quickly undertaken on our return to the UK and that she can happily put it to one side as we focus on the wedding.

Kevin has born the brunt of the work at Springwater Church over the last six months due to Linsey’s study, and we are both at peace with the way it has unfolded and blessed to have met many lovely people with deep kingdom desires in their hearts.  He has also been encouraged by being able to connect a varied array of individuals and resources that may be able to support the work amongst marginalised women in South India. The investigation into future work in South Wales is ongoing although at a slower pace but hopefully all these areas of work can be developed and deepened on his return to the UK. 

The time in the US after the wedding can hopefully include a bit of relaxation and introspection. The wedding itself will no doubt be beautiful and enjoyable but also an intense and emotional time. We are looking forward to having a great celebration of Ben and Mackenzie's relationship and launching them into the future. Hopefully, they will be able to visit us next year, and we will be able to have a celebration of their marriage with our UK family and friends.

Wedding pictures will be posted on Kevin's Facebook and Instagram pages if you are interested.