Welcome to a window into our world.
We have been fortunate enought to have enjoyed and been challenged by the faith, education, wildlife, work, culture and people we have encountered in the various places around the world that we have lived in. These experiences have moulded our thinking and lifestyle.



It's crazy to think that only five months have passed since our last newsletter and life carries on with what seems to be an ever-increasing momentum.

We hope you had a great Christmas and New Year. It looks like 2017 is going to be a year filled with many opportunities to live out the fruit of the Spirit and the values of the kingdom of God.

In January Linsey and I completed our 1st year at Springwater and moved into our last year in this current position. The community at Springwater is grappling well with the leading that God is presenting and the grace and supernatural mix that the Kingdom is having. God is strengthening faith and revealing Himself and His kingdom to people in a manner that is encouraging us all and those connected with us to step out of the box of our limited understanding and embrace the larger reality of God’s desires. 

Over the latter part of last year, the church has developed a method that will support people who are actively expressing the call of God in and through Springwater that will hopefully create a framework of support for those whose heart is calling them to explore new ventures.

This year we will look to strengthen the current method of prayer, support and encouragement as well as create a space for people to “taste and see that God is good”. We are also looking to sharpen our understanding as to what God is asking of the church. Everyone connected with Springwater would appreciate your prayers.

We have been encouraged by the stories that people have shared and the blessings we have seen. In the simplicity of our gatherings, many people have expressed that they have sensed and experienced the presence and shalom of God as they sit in the space provided by Springwater Church. God is also graciously giving opportunities for people to share this shalom with the wider world in which they live. Our hope is that the Lord would deepen His presence in the physical space at Springwater and in those places that He has us all connected.

As Linsey and I journey through these next several months, we would appreciate your prayers for spiritual fruit and wisdom. This specifically relates to the development and strengthening of Springwater Church and regarding our next step.

We do believe we are to be in the UK and have been praying, chatting with various people, exploring ideas and listening to the quiet voice of the Spirit concerning this current year and beyond.

In this process, we have been asked by several people within the UK and globally to engage with them in a supporting, consulting type of level and are exploring how this could fit into the wider scheme of things.

Our desire is still to support and journey with people, working alongside and engaging local communities; developing places that are impacted by the reality of God’s kingdom presence, that can be sustainable, self-sufficient and centers of justice and integrity. Our desire is to see the reality of Christ, His message, and His Kingdom become alive or deepen in areas that are facing significant physical and spiritual challenges.


We are currently in Southern California for the run up to Ben & Mackenzie's wedding; It's hot, dusty and very sunny.

The wedding is on the 30th July.
As parents of the groom, we are responsible for the rehearsal dinner which in itself will, hopefully, be a fun experience for all the family. It's a time when all the wedding party and family members, who are in town, can get together in an informal manner. 
As far as I am aware, this is not a regular part of the marriage tradition in the UK.

It's our first child and the first sibling getting married, and we would appreciate your prayers as I am sure we will face a whole range of physical and emotional adventures. Most of which are likely to focus on the emotions and changes occurring within our small family. And all magnified by the fact that we live in different countries.

We are so blessed to have Mackenzie become part of the Potter family and that we can be grafted in with the Loudon
family. Please pray that Ben and Mackenzie would be saturated with love and that their cup of blessings would be “shaken, stirred, pressed down and overflowing” with the provision and shalom of God as they embark on this adventure.
Also, pray they would soon get an interview date for their spousal green card application, and they would have a successful interview. 

Many thanks to you all for the intercession and prayers that you have given over the years for Josh. He recently graduated from the London School of Communication with a First Class Honours and is hawking his current book to various publishers both in the UK and the USA. Sadly he will not be able to make his graduation ceremony in London due to being the best man at Ben’s wedding. He did, however, create a great personal experience, which he is writing about, by taking a road trip across America, starting in Boston and finishing in Pasadena.

Charys is enjoying being back in the LA area reconnecting with friends and looking forward to her role as groomswoman in Ben’s wedding. All of this before she returns to the UK and launches on her next adventure at the University of Worcester. Pray for her as there is a lot to complete and as she spends time unpacking the challenges of her internship with Oasis in Belgium. She found herself two jobs within a week of being back from Belgium so has been very busy adjusting to many different challenges. 

We thank God that Linsey recently submitted the first draft of her final thesis, but after meeting with her tutor, she does have quite a lot of tweaking to do before it can be presented as a final submission. Linsey would appreciate your prayers that this can be quickly undertaken on our return to the UK and that she can happily put it to one side as we focus on the wedding.

Kevin has born the brunt of the work at Springwater Church over the last six months due to Linsey’s study, and we are both at peace with the way it has unfolded and blessed to have met many lovely people with deep kingdom desires in their hearts.  He has also been encouraged by being able to connect a varied array of individuals and resources that may be able to support the work amongst marginalised women in South India. The investigation into future work in South Wales is ongoing although at a slower pace but hopefully all these areas of work can be developed and deepened on his return to the UK. 

The time in the US after the wedding can hopefully include a bit of relaxation and introspection. The wedding itself will no doubt be beautiful and enjoyable but also an intense and emotional time. We are looking forward to having a great celebration of Ben and Mackenzie's relationship and launching them into the future. Hopefully, they will be able to visit us next year, and we will be able to have a celebration of their marriage with our UK family and friends.

Wedding pictures will be posted on Kevin's Facebook and Instagram pages if you are interested. 


Insights for Prayer

I hope you are well and have been enjoying the spring. 
It's been an impressive season as around us creation has bloomed with a myriad of different hues and it's been fantastic.

Sadly I have not been as creative with our news and prayer updates, and I do apologise.

Over the last several months we have been heavily involved with assisting the Springwater church community to reach a place where they can seek to create a platform for the future. We have seen many encouragements and special touches of God; thankfully the church can now mull through the various insights gleaned and unpack what the next step could look like. We would ask you to pray for wisdom, clarity and discernment for the whole church community as we plough through in discerning God's will and then in practically implementing the process.

I (Kevin) was intensely involved in this journey and now hope to step back into a more regular work pattern that will include additional focusses. To help this on the 3rd June, I will be visiting California for several days assisting an ex-NYPD officer who works with Oasis India. This visit will, hopefully, raise awareness and much-needed resources for the work amongst the women in Bangalore. Happily, I will also connect with Ben. On the 16th, June Springwater will host an evening communicating the challenges of people affected and trapped by human trafficking. I will support Jessica from Oasis India and will facilitate the evening. If you are anywhere near Peppard Common, we invite you to come along.

On top of working for the church at Springwater Linsey is proceeding with her studies and is looking to have the first draft of her thesis submitted by the end of June. 

Charys is re-engaging with the UK after her time in Belgium and currently holding down two jobs as she saves for her university degree, which starts in September.

As Charys looks ahead to starting university, Josh has submitted his end of year dissertation and awaits his final grades. Sadly he will not be able to attend his graduation ceremony as he will be in the USA preparing for Ben's wedding. 

Josh leaves the UK on the 1st June to begin a road trip across, or more accurately up and down, America with a friend traversing his way towards San Diego for the wedding at the end of July. He is looking to write about the road trip experience and hopefully use it to further his literary skills. Last year he wrote a book and is currently looking for a literary agent.

The major, huge, wonderful event for us all this summer is the wedding of Ben and Mackenzie. 
It's all system go as we seek out flights, cheap hotels and try and organise all the various ingredients that are required when you do not live in the same country as your son.

Praise God we have many friends in California who have offered help, and we are very appreciative. In the joy, fun, tension, pressure and unknown it's wonderful to have friends who are such an encouragement and support. 

We are also thankful to our families and UK friends who have been very encouraging and supportive. The Potters in South Wales have been brilliant in helping get Ben's wedding ring which is being made in South Wales. Rosemary and many family members from all sides will be at the wedding but sadly due to its San Diego location, some will not be able to get there. Maybe we can put the wedding online? 
Please pray for Ben and Mackenzie as they organise the wedding, work, study and plan for their future. Recently they had a great encouragement as they were able to rent a small studio apartment. It may be small, but it’s not too bad as the beach is only several blocks away. One key need at the moment is that Linsey and I require accommodation in San Diego for the ten days before the wedding.
As I write this missive, I realise that each of the above areas have many nuances and need so much prayer. 
Safety, discernment, shalom, comfort, rest, practical resources, supernatural provision, etc.. There are many facets to these adventures.
However, whether it is one item or several prayers we appreciate your intercession as we know it is powerful and effective.

Our prayer for you is that the Lord would lead you as you seek his heart and that the Lord would pour out His kingdom presence, and abundance into your life and into the lives of those you love so that you, your family and your friends would be saturated with His love and presence

May the Lord do more than you could ask or imagine.
Loads of love 

Kevin & Linsey