Welcome to a window into our world.
We have been fortunate enought to have enjoyed and been challenged by the faith, education, wildlife, work, culture and people we have encountered in the various places around the world that we have lived in. These experiences have moulded our thinking and lifestyle.


Next Phase

A big THANK YOU for all your prayers and support during our TRANSITION.
The first phase of transition, leaving the USA, went well and the campaign focus was met through various means. So, after a wonderful visit to family in Colorado we decamped for the UK.

We returned to the UK in early July, and it has certainly been a bit of a whirlwind.

Initially, for just over a month, we house-sat for family while they visited the USA. During this time, we also connected with our wider UK based family and partnered with God in working out the immediate detail of our UK transition.

Through this process, there were several wonderful little miracles that highlighted once again how the economy of the Kingdom can work.

Two of these examples have been:-
Coming back into the UK and being in a rural setting we needed to obtain a car quickly so that we could be mobile. It raised some difficulties as we have no credit history in the UK due to our living abroad for so many years.

While my Brother-in-law was on his holiday, however, he happened to notice an ad in his church’s email blast that mentioned a couple who were leaving for Africa and wanted to release a car. We had hoped to find an estate car as we needed the space to transport our various bulky items. We believe it’s called a station wagon in the US, Kevin, really wanted a black one!

My brother in Law kindly emailed us about this opportunity and I contacted the couple hoping the car was cheap as moving house and country limits the resources. Well, the young couple were getting rid of a 2001 “Black” Skoda Octavia “Estate” and didn't want to sell it but to give it to us.
We recently returned from a four day, 1000+ mile road trip to Scotland with said vehicle, and it did brilliantly.

We also needed to obtain various items of furniture for the house in which we are to be based. We have no furniture, and the house we have been given (at very low rent) was empty.
Suffice to say that various pieces of furniture have become available over the last few weeks; several beds, coffee table, sofa & chairs, blankets and sheets that wonderfully met the needs of our family. The bed we are now using is giving wonderful nights of sleep.

At the moment, Charys is working to put the final touches to her 7-month internship in Belgium that is starting towards the end of September. She has saved nearly half of the money required and has developed a webpage that highlights her progress. Click here for more details
Josh is exploring accommodation opportunities in London as he looks to start back into his last year at University in early October. Ben is planning the wedding with Mackenzie, has a gig at the Troubadour Club in September, check out the link here and let your friends know. Ben will also be studying this semester and is persevering towards a work visa.

Settling back into the UK has been an exciting, emotional & challenging roller-coaster. Eye opening as we reconnect with the wonderful diversity, amazing as we note the awesome high-tech development in the major cities and sad to see the lack of development and decay in other smaller cities. We are also enjoying the friendliness and general good nature of the folks we meet in the UK, despite the rain.

Over the next several weeks, we have debriefing sessions lined up regarding our work in the United States. Plus we will be connecting back into the Christian Growth International community and liaising with various people in Wales and around the country about possible next steps.

We would, however, appreciate your prayers as we do need to write and allow the appropriate time during this home assignment for healthy renewal & restoration to take place.

All prayers are appreciated and as you pray for our family, please remember Springwater Church (http://www.springwater.org.uk) who have been kind enough to loan us their manse for our home assignment