Welcome to a window into our world.
We have been fortunate enought to have enjoyed and been challenged by the faith, education, wildlife, work, culture and people we have encountered in the various places around the world that we have lived in. These experiences have moulded our thinking and lifestyle.


Prayers are appreciated.

There is an old saying, so I m told,  that trouble comes in three’s.
Well recently our van (people carrier) died. First the transmission and then the engine had major issues that we could not get fixed. However, we were able to donate the van to a local radio car donation program that may be able to fix the issues. A little while later I put my jacket in the laundry not realizing that my little nano iPod was in the pocket and the water did not help its lifespan. Three troubles!!!!

However, in the midst of these issues we have moved into a lovely little rental house  that will be a real home for us. We can now all be in the kitchen at the same time. Also we managed the move without our little van, although we did realize how useful it used to be. Praise God for a friend with a pickup.
A major plus is that the house is on a street corner, faces east, gets the early morning sun and is part of a wonderful community called Atherton Homes.  

So I don’t think trouble comes in three’s, although it can have a significant impact as described in my last paragraph below. I think it just mixes in with all the other highs and lows of our various activities. such as:

Josh is settling well in London and he has been able to get a job, actually he has two. One of them is with a catering company that caters to such clients as the Houses of Parliament. Quite recently he worked at the London Film festival and will soon be part of the team working at an event in Wembley stadium. Praise God for the jobs, but also pray they don’t interfere with his studies which are challenging but also enjoyable. God has been so present in Josh’s transition into the UK. Its truly been miraculous.
He was recently battling a chest infection. Pray that he is not affected by his reclamation to the British air.

Linsey is struggling on with her studies and would appreciate your prayers for perseverance. She and Charys are currently battling colds and they both have significant school work. Twice a week Charys has to leave the house at 6.am in the morning to make her first class. Linsey does not finish sometimes till late in the evening. However, both are really happy with our new accommodation. We all love it, especially as it is more like a home and a place that we can be based out of for the rest of our time in the US.

Ben is continuing his work in Malibu, enjoying his music and being a youth worker at his local church. The bands EP will now be released in Jan and they are making some last minute changes. Pray for his visa. The church is working on extending it and needs favor.

Oasis USA has some great opportunities but also many challenges. Please pray that our work in the US would be able to strengthen as there is quite a bit of interest in the TFC idea from others around the globe. The TFC movement has been bubbling along for a while but needs to get more traction and church support in the US. Also Oasis USA would love to be able to raise money for a safe house in Zimbabwe and a coffee shop business in Belgium that will help train girls escaping from human trafficking.
Please also pray for wisdom, as there are opportunities for Oasis to expand its work into the Northeast and onto the east coast in the US. 

Pray that we can settle quickly into our new home. You know the chaos that can ensue when you move. We need to quickly set up regular routines as our workloads just continue to pile up and its easier to meet the challenges and find a place of rest when we have stable rhythms in our lives. 

I for one definitely need that rhythm.I would appreciate prayer that I keep healthy. So many coughs and sneezes going on around me. I would also appreciate prayer for follow through. There are many items just hanging there that need to come to some sort of conclusion rather than just peter out. LA is a great place for raising ideas but not a great place for following through, as its easy for things to just seem to fizzle out. Which is no good for “man nor beast”. Especially when trying to build resources and support for vulnerable people.      

So! I do not think troubles come in three’s but I do know that they can have a significant impact into daily life. I would like to finish by asking you to pray for a close friend and family. Over the next several weeks this person is going through radiation and chemotherapy. May the family know the counsel and healing of God and may we and thier wider community be able to support and care for them well.