Welcome to a window into our world.
We have been fortunate enought to have enjoyed and been challenged by the faith, education, wildlife, work, culture and people we have encountered in the various places around the world that we have lived in. These experiences have moulded our thinking and lifestyle.


A Big Thank You

The following gives an overview of how local people are engaging in the fight against slavery through TraffickFree Communities.
The communities have grown and Oasis is currently in partnership with several around the USA. They are all reaching out to their local cities through a multitude of believers in a locally sensitive manner, 

  • Have supported local police forces with FREEDOM BAGS that are given to girls in the immediate aftermath of a rescue.
  • Have provided volunteers for mentoring life skills to young women who need help and support as they reintegrate back into community life. Several women have found that the grace and love found in the way of Jesus Christ has helped them find holistic freedom.
  •  Are advocating for those enslaved by lobbying local city governments about the human trafficking situation in their area.
  • Have helped develop law enforcement training for local Police departments.
  • Are teaching teenagers vulnerable to traffiking ways on how to protect themselves and their friends.
  • Are helping churches to practically support, pray for and strengthen the vulnerable and enslaved in their communities.
  • Have partnered with organizations such as FairTrade towns to develop a business culture of justice and integrity.
  • Have practically supported victims of human trafficking in finding places of safety 
  • Are working to develop communities that are places of reintegration and support
  • Have joined together and prayed for a young trafficked girl and seen her found and rescued four days later.    
  • Have supported the global work of fighting trafficking and been part of the network that has helped hundreds of woman and children be rescued for abuse and slavery. Recently the Oasis team in India rescued over 81 women and children

Please be encouraged, YOUR support was an integral part of the team that helped these activities, and the ripples that result from them, happen. 
As Aristotle said “the whole is more than the sum of the parts”. Working together we have enabled people to taste and see how good God is. 


We are called to use our resources and gifts for the purpose of building present day communities and and elevating the dire needs within our connected sphere of influence. Sadly society has been brainwashed by the various global PR campaigns into thinking wealth is to be held for the future unknowns or for personal gratification. I would love to see a graph of this kind that represented the wealth index during the feudal times in Britain and Europe. I wonder if they would be similar?

Since that last posting in Feb a lot has happened. The most significant event was that my father-in-law, Bill Young, passed away in early March.  it's good to remember  such a quality person and the following are some comments about him that I expressed at his Funeral.

Some people write their words on paper and in books. 
Bill young wrote his words into my life and into the lives of the many people who he came into contact with during his various global travels.
Bill mentored many people, myself included.
He and rosemary have supported and strengthened many people,
And they have become parents and surrogate parents to many people.
All of whom have been enriched by their interaction with them.

When Bill and I first met, 
He couldn’t understand a word that I said, due to my strong welsh accent.  
He didn’t fudge the issue, but told me straight out what the situation was so we could rectify it. 
That’s what he was like, he told you straight what the issue was as he saw it.

I leant to listen and respect his words
All those who had contact with Bill learnt to listen and respect him. There was deep insight and wisdom interwoven into what he said. 
The impact that he had, and will continue to have, ripples around the world, through the people and the various organizations he has been involved with and able to impact.

He was part of the first board, of Oasis USA and helped them build the structure that has facilitated in the rescue of many women and children from slavery. 
He and Rosemary helped many organizations, Timberline, Horizons and others who today releasing the reality of Gods love and grace locally, nationally and Globally. 

However, as with most Father-in-laws and Sons-in-laws, we didn’t always agree on everything but there was a deep love and respect in our relationship. 
We could press back and he would listen and help us form our thoughts.
He would enable us to grow and pressed us to be people of integrity. 
He also encouraged us to be open witnesses for the Gospel and for the ways of Jesus.

Jesus said - “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 
Math 7:21

Bill Young did the will of the Father…

When Jesus departed the earth he encouraged his disciples that they would do more than he did.
All of us who have been mentored by Bill, either directly or indirectly, know that he is still encouraging us to expand the gospel of the kingdom and to be people of integrity. 
We move into the future with Bills encouragement and his legacy to be ambassadors of Christ impacting our area of influence for the sake of the kingdom.       
Just like he always did.

Bill Young was a statesman for the kingdom; a hero of the faith and one who lived his life well.

May 13