Welcome to a window into our world.
We have been fortunate enought to have enjoyed and been challenged by the faith, education, wildlife, work, culture and people we have encountered in the various places around the world that we have lived in. These experiences have moulded our thinking and lifestyle.


Christmas Peace 
We hope these musings  finds you well and able to enjoy the festive season. The US is reeling from the insane tragedy of the elementary school shootings, just as others around the world are reeling from different insanely tragic situations.
This time of year can be a period full of mixed emotions for many. 
So we hope and pray that this year it may be a time where we, you, our community, friends and family are at our best and most supportive. 
May it also be a time for deep community, comfort, grace and love. 
 We hope that, in some way, this is your experience over this period. 

a prayer that was shared by one of our friends and relates to the End and the Beginning that I found helpful:-

Lord give us:
A remembering heart for the things that have happened
A compassionate heart for those who mourn
A forgiving heart for what has hurt
A grateful heart for where we have been blessed 
A brave heart for what may be required of us
An open heart to all that may come to us 
An attentive heart for what has been learned
A trusting heart to go forth with you
A loving heart for all of your creation
A active heart to engage injustice and 
A longing heart for the reconciliation of all things. 
                                                AMEN                                                                      (adapted)

Kingdom Bytes #1

People who follow the teachings of Jesus Christ are taught that pastors, teachers and various leaders of the faith are in positions of responsibility to equip others to undertake works that God has prepared for them in advance. 
They are to illuminate the reality of God

This seems to imply that Christian leaders are to mentor, equip, train and empower people to face situations and opportunities that God has already constructed so that those trained would be able to help those within their sphere of influence taste and see the practical goodness of God.

I therefore have the following musings...
  1. If leaders are mentors/teachers and spiritually gifted people who enable others to undertake God’s work and impact the local and global environment; does that not imply that the congregation, denomination or church, the multitude of people who follow the teachings of Jesus should be significantly impacting their community with acts that emphasize the reality of the Christian kingdom culture? Should the people who are taught not also be better known than the people who mentor them? As there are more people in the body of faith than the people who are leading, mentoring and teaching. 
By simple mathematics, therefore, students should have more impact than the teachers as one of the reasons for   teaching others is so that a magnified impact will occur . After all, Jesus told his disciples that they would do greater things than he did. 

       2.   Could this imply that if leaders of a faith are more known or have a greater personal impact than the totality of the 
              people they are teaching then the body of the faith is not being equipped appropriately? 

If the body of a church is trained and is undertaking the works that God has prepared for them then they are the ones who should be widely known within their environment and sphere of influence and not the church leaders who do the  training. 
However, there can be a tendency for charismatic leaders to be the face of a church or ministry and they are the ones that people flock to. If this ancient teaching is correct it should be that people flock to a church or a Christian gathering because of the impact and influence of the people meeting at that assembly. 
People need to be attracted by the community of faith as a whole because of the reputation and impact that body of people has within their sphere of influence through the works God has prepared for them to undertake.

3.     It would seem that a church, ministry or congregation that has leaders that are more well known than 
         the total impact of the people they teach, could have significant imbalances to address.  Either because:- 
  1. leaders have too great a control and are using the body to empower their own “ministry and or identity”. Or 
  2. because of students who are unable or unwilling to undertake the works that God has prepared for them. 
In the book of Acts chapter 2 the section starts with the impact of the Apostles but finished with the impact of the people who had been taught and mentored. 

Ephesians 2:10, Ephesians 4:11, Acts 2!!!!