Welcome to a window into our world.
We have been fortunate enought to have enjoyed and been challenged by the faith, education, wildlife, work, culture and people we have encountered in the various places around the world that we have lived in. These experiences have moulded our thinking and lifestyle.


Paradigm Pioneers - by N. Gordon Cosby

Mr Cosby says

"The majority of people are settlers.

They like to settle a land pioneered by others. There are fewer paradigm shifters and paradigm pioneers, those who are ready, and sometimes even eager, to enter the new.

The biblical understanding is that the new is always beckoning us. God, by definition, is "One who does a new thing." And our desperate need is for the new. A new neighborhood. A new city. A new world which respects and honors and cares for all of its people.

The paradigm shifters and the pioneers are the ones who lead us into that newness."

Source: Sermon (September 7 1989)

This is a great quote but what he does not mention is that this is an adventurous but also a very uncomfortable place to be. These people do get to see the new thing outworking before them and the tangible earthy reality of God. However, it also takes you to honestly plumb the core and the depths of who you are, what you believe and who or what you trust your family or children to.


Have a look at this clip its hard but does gives one picture of whats happening in the USA.
The Film has been out for a while but I would encourage folks, especially in the USA, to get the film and have a look at the whole thing.


Cargo: Innocence Lost | MySpace Video

California insights.

We have been asked what its like in our new environment. Well in many ways relocating to California from Colorado was like moving to another country. This is not so

out of the ordinary as the state has the fifth largest economy on the globe. We had to change our driving licenses, re-register our car; all the various utility companies and service providers were different. Fortunately, two months after we got here the bank we used in Colorado finalized a merger with another bank from California and came out to join us, which meant we could at last access our account and our money.

California and especially the Los Angeles area has a mystique of cool beaches, surfers, beautiful people and the glamour of the film industry. Over the years, through film and TV, there has been a brilliant PR job done to cultivate this idea.

There is wonderful countryside and as we walk around the block were we live you see lemons, oranges, and grapefruit hanging over the footpath.

There is a system in some places were people can drop off their excess fruit and it will be distributed to the poor. However, the reality is also that in this environment there are also approximately 80,000 people living on the streets in the county of LA, 10,000 alone in the valley were we live.

Kevin who normally enjoys gathering the news has tapered off watching the daily evening news as there are so many reports of people being shot and/or murdered within the metro area. Praise God that this year there has been a drop in the crime rate.

This large Californian economy has one of the highest home foreclosure rates in the country. It has 12% unemployment and is a major global centre for the pornographic industry. Last financial year the state was approximately 6 billion in debt and at the end of this fiscal year it is estimated that there will be a 22 billion dollar shortfall. Schools, social services etc.. are suffering huge cuts.

As in so many places we have sojourned, what you see or what is portrayed is often only a part of a mosaic.

A place of contradictions?

Wealth and poverty live side by side. Sun and high temperatures run through most of the year, yet as I write this we are in the middle of a series of storms that has brought a 25-30 ft swell along the coast line with flooding in certain areas. Water spouts and tornados swirl around. In the foothills just up the road approximately 2000 people were evacuated due to mud slides and fears that the hills may move due to the vegetation that was lost after the massive wild fires, earlier in the year. Snow now covers the mountains behind us and flooding is widespread.

This state is also a place of generosity even amongst the debt and financial crunch. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been given to help Haiti, whether in cash, goods or services. Many well- known people are using their leverage to raise more. Numerous rescue teams have left to assist in Haiti and overall the people and the government are pouring out to give aid and support to the people of Haiti.

Is it a place of paradox, or maybe just a place where ordinary people are trying to live amongst the extreme realities and complexities of life and are willing to be generous to those who are in extreme need.

Our experience is that the kingdom of God is made real in the ordinary day to day activities of life; amongst ordinary people who are open and desperate for God to do the extraordinary.

We hope and pray that this may be the situation in Haiti. What is happening there make the complexities of LA pale in comparison. Huge amounts of aid is flooding into the country. Please pray that this aid would be distributed to the people and that the country would not become a political pawn in the machinations of governments. Having been involved in a couple of disaster situations pray, that after the TV cameras have gone and the situation is off the print pages, that the practical love of God would be evident, and sustainable ongoing reconstruction would take place, plus that people would not forget Haiti or play political games as has been the case in the past.

Pr 21:13 If a man shuts his ears to the cry of the poor, he too will cry out and not be answered.

Winter update update

The last quarter of 2009 was quite a bit of a venture; as we say on our blog A venture can be defined as an undertaking of uncertain outcome and with an element of risk” and these months have been quite risky in their own way. The journey has impacted our emotions, our faith and hopefully strengthened and transformed both. Ben left in September to begin his time in India and is having a great adventure. It was quite a tear for us as, up to that point, we have journeyed through our adventures together. Linsey started her course of studies at Fuller which was a time of intense emotional and mental stretching and molding. Charys and Josh began at Blair IB Magnet School. Kevin became more immersed in the work of OasisUSA.

The kids school, Blair, is a multi-ethnic school and both of them are in the minority group within their school. We are told that until the 70’s the school was a mainly Caucasian school and then due to various education polices in California approximately 15,000 white families left the public school system. Private schools then flourished in Pasadena and went from virtually zero to 50. Many call this time the white flight period.

We like the school and its diversity is great. However, due to the large state cuts in education there are significant challenges which means that the school gives Charys and Josh a large workload. Josh has way more academic studies than Ben did in Colorado but less actual class time, and this heavily impinges on other creative and athletic pursuits.

It’s also been a time of stretching for Josh. He and Ben were very close and they had travelled through the various school systems together and watched over each other. On this venture Josh was the one pioneering for Charys and they have both been great.

The relationship between Charys and Josh has strengthened and it is lovely to see them working together. Not least of all on the games console as Charys slowly eats away at Josh’s lead and becomes more proficient and raises the competition level.

Josh, as stated, has had a lot more academic work this year and may not be able to compete in any track and field as he has to take courses in a local community college to supplement the need of his I.B. Program. This will be hard as he got to state finals last year in both the high jump and sprint.

However, he is able to get in a couple of hours a week at a local climbing club called ARC.

Charys is dong well in school but misses the UK. She has already been in a couple of musical events and will be in the main drama/music presentation in May.

Kevin has been able to get a feel for Oasis USA during the last few months of 09. The organization is in a phase of change and development and is also facing major challenges in this financial crisis. New ventures and funding streams are being explored with the existing systems being strengthened. It’s interesting that our journey has once again brought us to partner with another organization traveling through this sort of journey. Kevin’s work permit came through just around thanksgiving and he has been able to immerse himself more into his role. This role has some similar characteristics that were present during his role with other organizations. One of the exciting opportunities being developed is in helping communities unite in fighting trafficking and slavery. The thrust is called “Traffiked Free Communities” and involves helping the people in a city work together to influence and impact those who are being trafficked. In this early stage Kevin is also helping Oasis develop its prayer focus, strategic relationships and networks with the local and national church and with local government authorities.