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We have been fortunate enought to have enjoyed and been challenged by the faith, education, wildlife, work, culture and people we have encountered in the various places around the world that we have lived in. These experiences have moulded our thinking and lifestyle.


Prayer & update for May 09

Dear Friends
Thank you for your prayers.
Cuidad Juarez has had another month were the murder rate has been low but things are hotting up a little. However, on the positive side there has been no outbreak of the swine fever in the city. The attached link gives a good insight for prayers for Juarez http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,1888111,00.html.

This virus does seem to be starting to level off in México and life is slowly returning to normal! The US currently has over 2200 cases and folks are concerned that the virus will return in a more virulent fashion in the fall. We would appreciate your prayers against this occurring.

We have also had some personal encouragement; a little while ago we asked you to join us in prayer regarding the factors impacting our future plans.
Recently all Linsey's transcripts reached Fuller Seminary, after a lot of confusion, and last week we were offered accommodation, from Sept, in an apartment complex in Pasadena at a cheaper rent than we are paying here in Colorado. On top of that friends in the UK have facilitated a place that we can stay during our time on deputation, Praise God.

For us these are significant answers to prayer as we move forward in linking with Oasis. Several other areas of prayer still being worked on are; obtaining a vehicle during our stay in the UK, developing the final additional funding required for our placement with Oasis US and Fuller Seminary and for the children as they go through this transition period. Especially Ben who leaves school and is hoping to undertake a GAP year 6 months of it in Mumbai with Oasis.
One way the funding part could be attained is if we could get the equivalent of 50 people, churches, groups of individuals or any other permutation you could think of to each take up approximately $30 or £20 units of support per month. If any one would like to know the details of the financials and what is required, see the links on the blog below titles Oasis & Fuller; what to do?

Please pray for the IFM team in the three centers, Colorado, Texas & Mexico as they look to develop into this year. The violence, economic turmoil and the virus epidemic is significantly affecting IFM's role and wisdom is needed as the ministry looks to the future. Please pray specifically for Kathy Hart who Linsey has closely worked with during our spell in Colorado and who will be facilitating the outreach department without Linsey. Praise God that Joe Hart has been given a good measure of health this year.

We are also involved in an event highlighting issues of trafficking & slavery on sat, "songs for our babies". Paul Romig Leavitt, has written some brilliant songs, please pray for its impact.

As a family will be taking part in a 10K run on the Monday. This is significant as only a few years ago Kevin was 12 hours away from being paralyzed and has taken a couple of years to be able to regain his running ability so this run is quite a statement as we look to move on.

We appreciate your prayers and believe they are significant to the development of the kingdom in the areas we are living and working. Its also interesting to note that we have even seen a slight increase in the exchange rate and every little bit helps us.
God bless you.
Kevin, Linsey, Ben, Josh & Charys

Oasis & Fuller - What to do?

What to do?

To move into this next venture we will need to raise additional funding on top of what we have already developed.

As you may imagine raising support is not our most favorite past time and we can actually find it uncomfortable. However, if we can get this increased level of support it will enable us to link with Oasis US and Fuller Seminary and get intricately involved with impacting the horrendous situation of women and children at risk and those caught in slavery. We will be able to assist organizations and churches to live out their Kingdom mandate, locally and globally, and work together to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the most vulnerable in society.

So what do we do?
We put aside our discomfort, as it is nothing compared to the suffering that we are called to impact, and look for ways to raise the support costs. One avenue is to ask folks, you, to join our support team and contribute on a regular basis so that we can help meet the needs of the folks mentioned above.

Join us and support us through this next journey. You can do this through your local church, through CGi in the UK, through Oasis US in Pasadena or on an individual basis.

To reach the appropriate level so that Fuller Seminary can issue us documents that will enable us to apply for a visa is comparable with the equivalent of 50 people, churches, groups of people or any other permutation you could think of each taking at least one support unit of $30 or £20 per month. If you want to join in and take responsibility for one or more of these units:

If you are in the US:
Contact us at
kevin@potterabout.com or through Paul Hong-Lang at Oasis US, P.O. Box 2583, Pasadena, CA 91102-2583; web: http://www.oasisusa.org/
Email: info@oasisusa.org; Tel: 626.447. 0400 .

If you are in the UK:
Contact us at
kevin@potterabout.com or through Richard Fox at Christian Growth International, 4 Hanbury Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 3AE
Email: info@christiangrowthinternational.org
Web: http://www.christiangrowthinternational.org/
Telephone: 01245 255775

Oasis USA, alongside Oasis Global (http://www.oasisglobal.org/), is inspired by Christian Faith to work for a just and inclusive world through advocacy and community development. Currently Oasis domestic projects include work to end human trafficking as well as work to strengthen the environments where urban children live. We are inclusive in our approach and seek to come alongside individuals and communities in a way that draws out and builds upon the existing resources.

Stop the Traffik is a global campaign with over 1000 member organizations. Oasis USA spearheads the campaign on the West Coast of America. Oasis works to end human trafficking through education, advocacy and intervention.
Human trafficking, commonly referred to as modern day slavery is a global problem effecting both urban and rural areas. The U.S. State Department estimates between 600,000 and 800,000 people are trafficked across an international border each year. It is also estimated that up to 17,500 individuals are trafficked into the U.S. for prostitution or forced labor each year. This does not include the thousands of individuals who are trafficked within the U.S. There are approximately 300,000 youth who live on the streets of America each night. Most of these will be approached by a pimp within 48 hours of leaving home. Once under pimp control they are forced into sexual slavery.
Oasis aims to create “traffik free” communities through an integrated approach including advocacy on behalf of victims, education of the public, law enforcement and service providers about how to address the issue and intervention that empowers trafficked people to experience freedom.
In 2009 we Oasis will continue the strategy with an emphasis on reaching the Chinese community and expanding outreach to day labor sites and the Latino community. We continue to call the church to actively respond to the issue of human trafficking.

Oasis Blast Off is a community empowerment program that increases the capacity to develop children in urban neighborhoods. In Pasadena it currently takes the form of an afterschool program serving approximately 25 children. In 2009 Oasis seeks to expand the program to work with children in three environments: afterschool, in school and in the home. This holistic approach will approach will focus on empowering local churches to take an active role in the community to build up parents and the support children and teachers in the classroom.
One fifth of residents of Northwest Pasadena live in poverty. As elsewhere poverty takes so many forms, including poverty of opportunity. The neighborhood where Oasis works has been known for gang violence, which worries families as they seek to do the best they can for their Children. Only 37% of Hispanic Students achieve appropriate English Language Proficiency levels and only 30 % of their parents have graduated from High School.

May 09