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We have been fortunate enought to have enjoyed and been challenged by the faith, education, wildlife, work, culture and people we have encountered in the various places around the world that we have lived in. These experiences have moulded our thinking and lifestyle.


Prayer update

Since the last update life for the Hart family over these last few weeks has been quite a roller coaster and we would ask you to continue praying for them.

After the last update various anomolies and difficulties arose and Joe has been in and out of hospital. He had further tests and a fourth ERCP and the doctors now believe, within 95% certainty, that there is cancer present, that it is malignant and it may be in a very early stage (they can't be sure, it just looks like it). The Harts are in discussions with the doctors and surgeons regarding the next stage.

In the process of these tests Joe has also developed pancreatitis and is very weak. He is currently in hospital so please pray for healing, strength and Gods peace for him, Kathy and the family.
During this journey they met with a young ER doctor whose husband also has cancer and the Harts would ask you to pray for them as well. The doctor’s name is Rusty Zosen.

Thanks also for your prayers for Micah Slade as he battles with his intense physical pain. Micah is four weeks through an eight week process that is looking to give some relief to the pain. There have been some positives in this process that have aided him but please pray for a full release from the pain and peace and strength as he travels the remaining four weeks.

October prayer update

Hi again.
Well God certainly keeps us on our toes and supporting each other and by the way God is good, God is very good.

Joe and Kathy have recently received the results of the biopsy and they are negative. PRAISE GOD.
If you recall Joe initially had various tests which concerned the doctors and indicated that he had cancer or a tumor and they were looking at pancreatic cancer. CT scans further showed a tumor in this region. He had been severely jaundiced for several weeks, had lost weight and was getting weaker. The doctors have been equally amazed that no tumor was found during the recent investigation and that the biopsies taken of the area have proved negative.
God is awesome, as they say here, and we would ask you to continue to pray for complete restoration and healing. Pray that he can sleep through the night, starts to eat and gains his strength. The stents that were put in are slowly relieving the jaundice and improvement will gather pace over the next two to three weeks.
Just before Joe and Kathy had the results come through, Joe had a dream that God was holding him in His hands and then releasing him to go and get well. When he woke up the biopsy results were given to him. This is the short version - we will get Joe to write it up and circulate the details soon. This intervention is a huge answer to prayer and last night in a small prayer gathering specifically for Joe and Micah we were able to praise God and intercede for further healing.

Please carry on praying for Micah, Kathy and Walt Slade , especially seeing Gods intervention that has taken place for Joe Hart. Last night Micah had an allergic reaction to his medication and had to be rushed to ER. Please pray that God would restore health to Micah, relieve the pain and propel him into quality and pain free teenage years. In our prayer gathering last night we were again challenged about the physical and spiritual battle that we are in. Thank you for all the encouragement and words of insight, I will pass them on.

Linsey & I have also been encouraged by friends and colleagues to share with you some specific detail of our current situation.We were a little unsure whether to, although, recently we were challenged by 2 Corinthians 4:2 which talks about setting forth things as they are. Our situation is that our financial support from the UK has been diminished due to the low rate of exchange and our support in the US has also diminished. There may be many reasons for this and we are praying to find God’s wisdom and find out what troughs we need to dig to be ready for the Fathers provision. It has , however, resulted in a shortfall and we are trusting God and also looking at ways we can help offset it. One problem is that due to our visa status we are restricted and can not get part time jobs as that would be against the law.
As friends and colleagues have reminded us, folks would like to know the specific details for prayer and action and so we lay it before you. We gratefully appreciate your prayers and also understand that today many others are being challenged by the financial situation around us.
If you would like to support us through this time you can either contact Christian Growth International in the UK at info@christiangrowthinternational.org or International family Missions in the US at outreach@ifmus.org or if you prefer you can email directly to us at kevin@potterabout.com.

We appreciate your support and prayers. God is very good.
God bless you.
Kevin & Linsey