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We have been fortunate enought to have enjoyed and been challenged by the faith, education, wildlife, work, culture and people we have encountered in the various places around the world that we have lived in. These experiences have moulded our thinking and lifestyle.


Prayer update 28th September

In our last email we asked folks to pray regarding Joe and Kathy Hart. Initially it was thought that Joe may have had pancreatic cancer but after additional tests he has been diagnosed with a tumour. Below is a comment from Kathy Hart regarding the next phase of the journey. Please pray.

Hi everyone. We have our appointment now for Joe's endoscopic ultrasound. It's Monday and we'll arrive at 2:30 and we'll go home by 6:00 Lord willing.

They will be able to tell us a great deal at the end of that time - without having to wait days for reports, etc. Of course they'll biopsy whatever is there (unless the Lord has swooshed it out with His Living Water by then...) and that will take some time to know probably.

Our specific prayer requests are:
The Lord will clear his bile duct with His Living Water
Joe would be sustained daily until the Lord heals him or he gets a stent. He is feeling worse every day as his system gets more and more poisoned with the bilirubin. He also still can't sleep more than a few hours at a time at most and that's really getting to him.
God will provide for our needs in whatever creative way He chooses. Our bills are mounting and they told us to bring in a $2000 deposit when we come on Monday. They told us that we can make financial arrangements AFTER the deposit is made.
We will have God's wisdom and direction each step of the way - and that He will sovereignly carry us the direction He chooses for us.
We will honor God with our lives and mouths.

Another area were we asked for your prayers was in relation to the folks living in Ciudad Juarez amongst the violence. (The city has just crossed the infamous barrier of having 1000 people killed there since Jan 1 of this year).
Below is part of an email from Sara Piaz the director of Vino, Trigo y Aceite (Wine, Wheat & Oil), a ministry working with the poor in Juarez. Please pray for them.

Thanks for keeping in touch. I'm born in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and US naturalized, as you may remember. I love both countries. I'm living with the every-day issues here in Juarez, Mexico. It's hard. However, I see hope. I must see hope. Although crime has grown lots, we see churches growing as well; I see people getting killed, but I see more people looking for God in the mist of their pain; I see poverty and unemployment raising in our city, and I see more people crying to renew their relationship with God, looking for refuge in His sweet hands... My eyes see pain, suffering, poverty, un-justice, but my heart knows that God is watching over us, providing love, justice, peace and renewing His covenant of love with us. I realize that the work we do is difficult and maybe dangerous, but I know with certainty that God said we should do it, so I will need to trust in Him all of my fears. Of course I'm extremely careful in regards to places, people, times, etc., but: how can we go back? How can we stop helping? How can we say, did we make a mistake on doing what we do..? No! I just went to a pastoral meeting in a convention center in Juarez where 100 plus pastors and city leaders met, looking for a solution for this problem. I'm very happy to inform you that the Christian community is praying, fasting, and looking for God's answers in enemy land. We got to recover what belongs to God; we can not give up! We’ll not give up! I see hope! I see more people coming to the feet of our Lord than people turning their backs on Him. Keep us in your prayers! In love and hope,Sara :)

If you would like to get in contact with Kathy, Joe or Sara to encourage and support them or to become part of their network, please email me at the above address and I can direct the information on.

As you all well know there are many needs and opportunities surrounding us all and the Potters would ask for your prayers so that we may a) overcome this current economic meltdown that is occurring and effecting us all and b) continue to be resourcing channels to the hurting, poor and marginalised communities and individuals that God puts us in contact with.

God bless you, we appreciate your practical and prayer support.
Kevin, Linsey, Ben, Josh & Charys

September prayer requests

Dear Friends

Linsey and I want to thank you for your prayers. There seems to be so much to pray about and lay before God for his supernatural intervention.

We understand that so many of you have various contacts and networks that you are linked in prayer with so we really do appreciate your time.

Situated here on the North American continent there are a huge spectrum of issues that we are linked with and that lay before us. Mexico is still in the war with the drug cartels and it’s impacting some of the work that is being undertaken by Christians. The murders are still going on and sadly another cartel has joined in the violence trying to gain control of Ciudad Juarez. August was one of the deadliest months in the city. Recently in a Christian drug rehab project gunmen burst into the facility and sprayed the room with bullets killing several people. The pastor was amongst the dead as were a number of guys who had been trying to go through the program. This is one incident amongst many. Please pray for the church community in Ciudad Juarez, the leaders, youth and families as they seek to live out the ministering life of Christ. Please continue to pray for the Torres family who lead IFM's sister organisation, Misiones Familiars’ de Mexico, and that God would raise up peacemakers in the city.

Thank you for your prayers with regards to Hurricane Ike. It smashed through the Caribbean and rolled into Texas. Many people along its path were killed and others are now trying to pull their lives back together. Many lived hand to mouth before the hurricane hit and that includes some of those in Texas as well. Some also live by weekly pay checks and now they also have nothing left; the link http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/bestoftv/2008/09/15/vo.gilchrist.cnn?iref=videosearch
will show an aspect of the obliteration that occurred when the hurricane hit Texas. After living in Asia, Europe and now North America I am challenged that all the poor on all these continents get smashed by these devastating disasters and God's heart goes out to all of them unconditionally because He desires a personal rather than a statistical relationship and has a heart for all. Jer 22:16 says 'He defended the cause of the poor and needy, and so all went well. Is that not what it means to know me?” declares the Lord.' Please pray for those affected by the disasters as each needs the holistic touch of Christ in their lives and we all need to know God more.

Some folks have also expressed their concern regarding the ongoing events in India and the following link http://www.persecution.in/, forwarded by a good friend in India, gives an Indian organisation's insight into the violence and persecution that is occurring. I have friends and old colleagues living in many places in India including Orissa. Pray for them and please use caution while viewing the video as some of the images are quite graphic.

I get some of my global current events from the BBC web and radio services and it looks like Europe is being hit hard by the weather and the current economic mess. North America is also being bashed by what looks like poor and often greedy decisions taken by major financial institutions trying to amass their personal or corporate wealth. God has some strong words to say about greed and the injustice given to the poor if I recall and this mess is hugely affecting millions of poor here. A single mom who cannot access health care or obtain resources to assist her in getting a job. Families that cannot obtain healthcare due to spiraling costs, people who have to shop around to try and get cheap medical care exactly at the moment when they need immediate help. There are elderly people who have worked all thier lives and seen their pension just disappear. People have committed suicide as their homes have been forclosed. We have also been hit by the significant drop in the exchange rate and with less support generated here but we can truly say God is our provider. However, as an advocate in North America I would ask for your prayers for the poor of this continent, for them it’s the other end of the spectrum from the glitzy media presentations that are seen on the TV or in the movies. Pray specifically for those we are linked with in our small local ‘refuge’ community http://www.therefugeonline.org/ many just trying to survive each day.

I would ask you to pray for some other very close friends who live in Colorado and are supporting and caring for their son who is undertaking a specialized treatment to try and relieve extreme levels of high intensity pain that have been affecting him for the last several years.
Please pray that God would bring relief and restoration to him and peace to the family and that they would be surrounded by the protection of the kingdom of God.
Also would you pray for the directors of IFM, Joe and Kathy Hart. Joe is currently undergoing tests and investigations regarding some serious anomalies with his liver. He has been significantly juandiced for several weeks. Health care in America is expensive and Joe and Kathy do not have any resources to meet these needs, please pray.

For ourselves, Josh just turned 16 and Charys is enjoying her new school. Please pray for Ben as he and we navigate the last year of his high school. Not knowing the system can be overwhelming. Sometimes the future at this age can look frightening and overpowering. Please pray that God would provide the resources he and we need and the wisdom to pick which colleges are the right ones to apply to bearing in mind our visas expire next year and we will be relocating. At the moment Ben is thinking of taking a GAP year before he looks to continue studying percussion in some form or another. We appreciate your prayers.

God bless you and loads of love.
Kevin, Linsey, Ben, Josh & Charys.