Welcome to a window into our world.
We have been fortunate enought to have enjoyed and been challenged by the faith, education, wildlife, work, culture and people we have encountered in the various places around the world that we have lived in. These experiences have moulded our thinking and lifestyle.


THE HERALD Aug 08 ---- Kevin, Linsey, Ben, Josh & Charys Potter.

Pray 4 the children.
This little girl is being lovingly cared for in an orphanage in Juarez.
Pray for the all children of Juarez that they would know peace and that God would bless their future and they would experience His love.


IFM has recently been privileged to have a new family (the Pryors) relocate on the US/Mexican border and into the IFM campus at ‘The House of Cornelius’. Mark & Candi have become directors of IFM South and are encompassing all that it entails to fulfill this role. Please pray for them and their children (they have 8 from 7 – 24!) as they become part of that border community and grow into the responsibilities of the role. Would you also pray for wisdom and provision as they develop the vision of IFM and the vision that God has put on their hearts. Pray also for Jose Luis and Cristina Torres as they lead Misiones Familiares de Mexico, the IFM sister organization in Mexico. Pray for both families, for their protection and that they would be filled with strength and joy.

Juarez Prayer

Please pray for Ciudad Juarez. In the Bible Prov 11:11 says that ‘through the blessings of the upright a city is exalted’. This city and the people in it need help. They need people to be advocates for them and to cry to God that God would bless them. This year in the city alone over 700 people have been murdered through drug gang violence. As reported by the El Paso Times “this surpasses the total number of homicides in Mexico City and that of most major United States cities last year”. In Mexico alone over the last several years over 4500 people have been killed through this violence.
Pray for the churches and ministries in Ciudad Juarez who are working with the children and families of the city. Pray for the governments of both Ciudad Juarez and El Paso. Pray for the police and border guards of both nations as they battle the evil and anarchy that is trying to infect the whole region. See http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/7562537.stm and www.elpasotimes.com/juarez for more details.

Trailer Park Prayer

Please pray for Ardent Faith Ministries, http://www.ardentfaith.org/, (Kevin is a member of the board) as it develops in Huntersville NC, outworking a ministry of reconciliation in the city and reaching out holistically into a local trailer park in the town. North Carolina is a wonderfully green and fertile southern state with a charged yet majestic history. Kevin was recently there spending time with the folks at Ardent faith brainstorming on some strategic thought processes. The trailer park thrust that is being worked out has some similar flavors of the work that was undertaken by The Mustard Tree foundation in Reading, England. Jeff and Julie, the leaders of Ardent faith have a wonderful vision and heart for community transformation in the area. Please pray for them.

Uganda Prayer

Please pray for The children and team in Uganda. Recently there has been signs of witchcraft activity focused against the children and the team. Pray that everyone who lives on, works or is connected with Cherish Uganda and the Akaloosa village would be covered by the power and presence of God. That they would be empowered to face and overcome this resistance and that more freedom and healing would come to the village.

Check out the updated Cherish web site www.cherishuganda.org which gives the story of Akaloosa, a children’s village on the shores of Lake Victoria serving children who are impacted and infected with HIV. An updated newsletter has been recently posted and illustrates how God’s grace and love just keeps being poured out. If you visit YouTube and search for ‘Cherish a Life’ or follow the link http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=8pOV8ieRQic you will see a great DVD showing the grace of God in the children’s lives.

Please pray for the children, staff and families involved. The village needs people, churches, families, trusts and businesses to walk with them in prayer and with finance, especially during these early years as they develop towards self-sustainability. The children need people who will be advocates for their future as well as folks who will simply share their stories with others over the simplicity of a meal table or a coffee cup. To get involved or to find out more contact the folks at Cherish or the Potters at the address shown on the end of this newsletter.

CGi Resources helping to build globally


Check out the new CGi web site. It has lots of resources for and tools for community and personal development.
The excellent materials can be simply downloaded and if you buy anything through the store a percentage of the costs help CGi resource the local church and Cherish Uganda, which is one of its significant ministries.


Our local church community, The Refuge, is journeying on and in October will be helping facilitate a gathering in Denver with folks from ‘Off the Map’,
see http://www.therefugeonline.org/. Please pray for the community of people linked or connected with The Refuge as we develop a different style and paradigm of church, and one powered by the simple love and grace of Jesus. We would also ask for your prayer as we (Kevin & Linsey) have been invited to share our insights with several Christian communities and would like to hone up & develop these thoughts further.

Family Prayers

Ben, Josh & Charys are getting ready for the new school term. Charys moves into a new school, Josh carries on doing IB in high school and Ben looks to complete his IB senior year before graduating next summer.
Please pray for them as they get back into the school routine and especially for Chary & Ben.
Charys is starting at middle school so will be developing new friends and also has to become one of the young ones again in a new school. Ben is in the process of deciding what he wants to do next year so we all need wisdom about college applications and he needs quite a bit of entrepreneurial skill in developing an individual drum program that will be helpful for his musical development. Josh as always is full of life and ideas, he has been very diligent with his fitness training and there is not an ounce of fat on him. Pray that he would have fun this year at school and grow in his creativity and joy.

Linsey is currently having some significant neck and shoulder pain although God has wonderfully provided a friend who gives massage treatment and a local chiropractor who is helping correct various anomalies in her neck – both of these people charge nothing. Over this next year she & IFM will be looking to develop a team of people who will fill her pivotal organizational role and be able to partner with Kathy Hart in coordinating the teams in Mexico. Pray for Kevin as amongst his various commitments, he is looking to further develop his extremely small Spanish language skills. Wherever we move on to next, the Spanish language will be useful as it is a global language and it needs to be honed in all of us. The children are learning it at school, so Linsey and Kevin need help in catching up. This next year is going to be critical for all of us so please pray that we will finish well over these next 12 months with IFM and as we move on from family, friends and our community in Colorado.
We have recently had some interesting insights shared with us, by a non US based friend, that need to be meshed into our gleaning process. Pray for wisdom and freedom that during this final year in Colorado we would have favor as we explore the future possibilities. Plus that we would obtain the myriad of resources that we need to move into the next phase of our family’s journey!

Family Holidays

Thank you to all of you who supported and prayed for our family holiday. We had a superb time. We were able to get away and just totally relax. Even sleeping five to a room was fun as we spent most of the days on the beach.
Travelling to the west coast was fantastic but hot. There were awesome canyons in Utah and we hit Las Vegas, at about 8.00pm where the temperatures were still above 100C. Las Vegas was a city of lights and glitz but not a lot of substance. The razzmatazz was constant; the lights and activity relentless. But through it all there was a sense of deep sadness about the city. Charys, who is very sensitive, was very glad to get out of it and travel onto LA and the beach.

Whilst in LA we met up with folks from Oasis USA who are based in Pasadena and especially Jerry Johnson and his team who were wonderful. They put us up for a few days before we got to the coast and their hospitality was lavish.
Ben & Josh enjoyed the LA beaches but their highlight was the fact that later in our stay a group of 9 girls from Bristol, UK visited Oasis and on our last day at the beach both boys were surrounded by attractive 15 year olds who liked their accents. As you can guess it was quite hard to peel them away. As this was the only time we could go God was very good to us. We were told that this time of year is usually the ‘down time!’ on the west coast and folks had warned us about the cold and grey weather we could expect, known as June gloom. While we were there the temperatures were unusually high which gave us virtually constant sunshine and quite deserted beaches (apart from the last Saturday where the whole of California came to our beach to escape the heat!)
Eventually we moved on to the more cultured tourism of the Grand Canyon and then up through Mesa Verde, ancient cliff dwellings of the Anasazi people, and back home. We were very stressed before we went and could not remember the last proper family holiday we had been able to undertake. But this couple of weeks of family time was really superb and recharged all our batteries.

Loma Blanca; Abel & Erica

Loma Blanca, which means white wall, is a dry, dusty colonia (slum neighborhood) on the outskirts of Ciudad Juarez. It is a place that is full of fear. Earlier in the summer three headless bodies were found nearby with messages pinned on them warning other drug gangs to stay clear of the city.

Abel and Erica are the leaders of a small church that meets in this colonia and we partnered with them in reaching out to the folks in and around the area. The couple had come to this colonia sensing the leading of God and leaving a green fertile part of Mexico to care for the needs of people in this part of the city.

Their church is very small and it was wonderful to see, during our time with them, over 300 people coming and linking together. Abel was constantly moving through the throng of people, very encouraged and taking pictures with his camera phone. At one point a family who had recently moved to the area expressed that they had been waiting fifteen years to hear the message of Jesus.

There were groups of women and men praying for each other and we were able to share meals together running out of food just as we finished. Young gang members who were initially reluctant to get involved looked in and ended up playing and relating to kids of their own age but from totally different cultures. It was very encouraging for the church. Since then the remnants of a hurricane has hit them and dumped inches of rain and virtually flooded them out. However, our son Josh was on a team with other families from IFM USA in partnership with Misiones Familiares de Mexico, (IFM Mexico) who linked again with Abel and Erica. Josh said they had a great time and we know that the little community is going strong and impacting its neighborhood in an increasing manner.
We would ask you to pray for Abel, Erica & family as Abel was recently in hospital with diabetes and has to go in again for checks on a tumor that has been discovered in his stomach. We have prayed for healing and would ask you to join with us. Medical care is expensive in Mexico especially for a family working with the poor and marginalized in the colonies of Juarez.