Welcome to a window into our world.
We have been fortunate enought to have enjoyed and been challenged by the faith, education, wildlife, work, culture and people we have encountered in the various places around the world that we have lived in. These experiences have moulded our thinking and lifestyle.


Immediate March prayers

Hi Folks
We hope you are all well.
We are a bit battered at the moment. At various stages in life, as you all know, we have those times in life when everything seems to come at once and thats why we appreciate your prayers.

  • Its tax time here and the tax code is very convoluted and...., well to cut a long story short we have been told by a tax consultant here in California that the advice we received in Colorado from various sources, and what we had been going on for the last several years, was wrong and we have been filling out the wrong forms with the wrong information!!!! This brings in complications that we do not want to contemplate and we would appreciate your prayers for wisdom in sorting this out and finding out what is the correct procedure.
  • Ben is having a good time and is coming to the end of his period with Oasis and only has about nine days to go before he leaves India. However, having budgeted well these last six months he is also coming to the end of his funds, mainly due to the ever fluctuating pound and he would appreciate your prayers for provision, peace and strength. Especially as he says goodbye to the children and friends in Chennai. He will be in the UK on the 15th and would appreciate any offers of odd jobs.
  • Charys has her 13th birthday tomorrow and is very excited, please pray for protection and enjoyment for her. We do seem to be in a bit of a storm at the moment and would really like her to have a good day.
  • Linsey is finding the last section of this quarter very pressured and mentally and emotionally tiring, please pray for physical strength and wisdom.
  • There are a couple of folks in our wider family who are battling some very serious health issues at the moment and we would appreciate your prayers for peace, health and restoration.
  • Oasis USA has some great opportunities before it at the moment to impact local communities in fighting traffiking. However, it is also being seriously challenged with regard's to its current financial viability and all the folks at Oasis USA would appreciate your prayers for clarity and financial strength.
  • Josh is ploughing on although heavily weighed down with the school work load.
  • I ( Kevin ) as you might guess I am feeling quite heavy at the moment, although not having any hair means I cannot lose any more as we travel through this phase of our journey. However, I would ask that you pray for us to find the joy and peace in this time.
  • Your prayers are appreciated as it is not against flesh and blood that we struggle and battle but against the various powers and principalities that would seek to bring deceit, deception and destruction into our lives.

God bless you


Winter Prayers

We would appreciate your input and prayers for:

  • The people of Haiti. Linsey has a close friend from Fuller who has family on the island. There are many, many Haitians in the US and close links entwine the two nations.
  • Protection and peace for Ben as he moves through the final phase of his time in India and as he looks to plan his further education.
  • Strength and enjoyment for Josh and Charys as they plough through their studies and further develop their social network of friends so CA has a flavor of home for them.
  • Wisdom and strength for Linsey as she continues her studies.
  • Josh as he contemplates and explores his future options.
  • Kevin’s family in Wales as they care for his mum.
  • OasisUSA to strengthen in an integrated fashion and have kingdom impact in:
  1. Meeting the needs within the city of LA and other cities in the states.
  2. The development of Traffic Free Communities
  3. Raising the relevant finances to meet the current needs.
  • Kevin to have peace, strength and wisdom as he juggles the responsibilities of work & home.


Dec 09

HI folks

Its been a while since we have shared some of our journey with you.

The last couple of months for us have been a process of settling into that elusive general day to day routine of life. As you would all know moving always involves loss and hitting up against some sort of government and corporate administration, so much red tape, bureaucracy and materialism. The good part is that it helps us form personal relationships with people. It has taken several months to sort out our banking issues here in California, but this has enabled us to form relationships with the lady who is vice president for the Bank in this area. Pray that other outstanding issues, phone lines, transfer of stored belongings, normal life issues etc... would get sorted as they can be subtle distractions that take up time trying to unravel.

This initial semester has been a very intense time for Linsey as she has pushed through with her studies and worked hard on the various papers that have to be submitted on a regular basis. To give you some idea she has to read a min of 4500 words for her classes and then usually has to submit assessments of each of the books. This does not even include the final assignments that are required at the end of each class. At times this has been extremely stressful, as she has not done any studies for several years!!!!! ( I am not allowed to say how long) but it has also been very rewarding for her and is enabling her to wrestle with issues that will be important as we look to the future. She has recently been hit with a fever and cold symptoms and we would appreciate prayer for her health as she needs to complete her papers by next week.

Ben is enjoying India. He was ill for a while but has bounced back and upon reading his latest blog is being heavily impacted by the poverty all around him. Please pray for Ben as he moves through this adventure, that God will mold him and develop him for the future and also give him the wisdom and peace that he needs. This future includes his hopes of going to college in the autumn of 2010 and we are all looking for God to develop the resources needed for this phase of his life.

Josh is settling into life here and has developed many friends and a good youth group. His IB education is very intense as there is a lot more work involved here than in Colorado. This does not give him much time to himself although he does enjoy grabbing an hour here or there to do some climbing at a local club.

Charys is doing well at school and has become part of a good network. She volunteers every now and then at the admin center of her youth group, however, she is caught between the tension of being here and the sadness of not being with friends and family in the UK. Please pray that she would know the comfort of Gods love and the peace of His heart.

I have recently received my employment permit which allows for greater scope in my work with Oasis. I would ask for prayer as I juggle the roles that I have; within the work of Oasis, caring for the kids and supporting Linsey as she studies. It's interesting to theorize and then put into practice the reality of supporting & helping people as they develop and grow in their potential, yet also keeping the balance of your own personal development and growth.

We would appreciate your prayers for the work of Oasis. I am working with the team to assist folks in our local community in combating traffiking and slavery and we are developing practical tools that would assist people in the community to link together and care for and meet the needs of people being exploited. We are also developing resources that looks to help the global work of Oasis.

A couple of local and global initiatives that you might find interesting relate to having a christmas party giving hope, see www.oasisglobal.org/storiesofhope/index.htm ; and in undertaking christmas carols with a difference, see www.globalexchange.org/campaigns/fairtrade/cocoa/caroling.html . The Christmas party involves gathering a few friends, having fun and linking together to give people hope. Oasis will give you all the resources you need - just sign up at the above web link. The carols help get folks involved in fair trade issues.

We have recently gone through the thanksgiving season and enjoyed celebrating it with Linsey’s parents, sister and niece who came to visit. We realize that we have a lot to be thankful for. It was a very good time, but now its back trying to find the routine of life. Please pray for Linsey's family spread around the world and for mine as they wonderfully care for my mother who has Alzheimer's. I am so awed by my Dad and my sisters, pray for them as it's a hard road for them to travel.

We continually thank you for all your prayers, love and concern. It's wonderfully appreciated and very encouraging for us know that there is this global community linked together.

God bless you.

Kevin, Linsey, Ben, Josh & Charys

Dec 09

Thank you for your prayers over these last four months, It has been a hectic summer.

As we roll into the Fall/Autumn we appreciate your prayers for the folks in Mexico. The violence still carries on with drug rehab centres being attacked and many people being killed. Currently the death toll in Ciudad Juarez is above 1400 and that is only over these last 9 months.

Please also pray for IFM we have left the organisation and moved to Pasadena and they are facing significant challenges due to the economic climate as well as Joe's health. Seek wisdom for the board, healing for Joe Hart and provision and safety for IFM teams as well as finance.

As a family we walk into this next period with hope. Linsey has started her studies at Fuller, Josh and Charys are a month into school and Ben is getting ready to travel to Chennai with Oasis.

Please pray that Linsey would enjoy this time of study, she has been working for the last 20+ years in mission and this is an excellent opportunity for her. Pray that the resources needed would be provided, whether that's physical or financial.

Charys and Josh are well. Josh has loads of work on his plate and needs wisdom to balance study but also have fun, he has become involved with good youth group. Charys was literally given a friend at the school. The day we registered, which was later than everyone else, another girl registered at the same time who was the same age and is in the same classes as Charys. This is a key blessing for her in settling into school. Our hope is that in this city of dreams her dreams would be sifted by God and the reality would be enriching and fun for her.

Pray for Ben, he will be in India from the 3rd Oct till early April as part of a team of three and will be working with children in the city slums. May this time be enriching for him and help him grow in all the facets of being a young man. Through it all may Jesus and the Kingdom of God be a practical reality for him and the children he's with.

Kevin is awaiting his employment permit to come through from the government but in the meantime is networking with Oasis USA and learning the ropes of how the organization functions. Oasis are part of the LA trafficking task force and the trafficking team in LA have built very good links and are developing the concept of 'traffiked free communities'. Pray for favor and grace as this venture is piloted and rolled out through the city of Pasadena. May God give insights that would enable Oasis to meet the needs of those in slavery and bondage in the LA metro area.


We would invite you to consider becoming involved with us on this next part of our journey.

You can join in with the prayer needs that are mentioned on the prayer page, you could be an advocate for the needs of those caught in traffiking. see the resources available at http://www.oasisglobal.org/; http://oasisusa.org/ and http://www.stopthetraffik.org/ and you could join into of our financial support network.

In the early summer we were looking to gather 50 people, churches or organisations who would join us in this venture, if we were to adequately to meet the needs that were being laid before us.
We are currently getting close to reaching this target and are now looking at raising 10 people/churches/groups that would be willing to join us in this venture and commit to taking one or more units of $30/£20 per month each.

In taking up a support unit you will be directly impacting the issues of trafficking and slavery, helping the church, government and local communities be catalysts of change and link into partnering with the Potters as we outwork the dynamics of the kingdom of God.

One definition of ‘Trafficking’ is when people are taken against their will, bought, sold and transported into slavery for sexual exploitation, sweat shops, child brides, sacrificial worship, forced begging, sale of human organs, farm labor and domestic servitude. 80% of all victims are women and girls, 50% are children.

In the past followers of Jesus were intricately involved in getting legal slavery abolished. However, it is now a significant global underground criminal activity and a concerted effort is once again needed to care for the people who are the victims and to advocate and work for its eradication. Jesus says “that the truth will set people free”. Help us bring that truth into the trafficking and slavery scenario in partnership with Oasis USA and CGi.

To join our support team email us at: info@potterabout.com or link to us through the contacts page.

Sept 09


Ventures - Where we have been.

We began in construction and nursing and have since travelled and lived on 3 different continents, our family has grown with the addition of three wonderful children and a wealth of experience. In that time we have met numerous quality people, experienced some amazing miracles and situations and morphed through several roles.

The organizations and communities that we, as a family, have been personally and actively involved with are listed below. We have walked with these friends either in incarnational living or through a relationship of sharing each others wisdom.

Our friends have influence and impact; plus opportunities for long or short term involvement. They each contain a mine of expertise and wisdom that is extremely useful when journeying with the marginalized and when looking to be involved in developing the kingdom of God. If your heart is for action, advocacy or prayer then these friends can help you get involved.

Check them out and get connected.

The Refuge, USA – A faith community journeying in a different way and expressing God's kingdom through relationship and vulnerability.

Ardent Ministries, USA – An expression of the love of Christ building community and outworking the life of Christ amongst a trailer park in North Carolina, USA. Ardent Faith is part of the CGi network.

Cherish Uganda, Uganda – Akaloosa, a HIV child care village in Uganda, Africa, impacting the local community with education, care and spiritual counsel. Cherish is part of the CGI network.

International Family Missions/Misiones Familiares de Mexico, USA/Mexico – Assists the American and Mexican church through cross-cultural taining, short & long term mission activity and primarily working alongside the poor in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

The Mustard Tree foundation, UK – A UK based Community development organization assisting the church, charities and local government organizations in Reading, England meet the holistic needs of the margenalized.

Purnata Bhavan; Oasis India, India – A HIV care community for women & children and a project of Oasis India. Oasis India meets the needs of the Indian urban church with community development opportunities that focus on the integrated needs of the poor. Oasis India works in Mumbai, Bangalore & Chennai and is part of Oasis Global.

CMS India, India – A child development ministry running orphanages, training centers and employment opportunities for destitute children and young adults.

Interserve, UK/India- Christian development NGO & fellowship meeting the spiritual and practical needs of various global communities through practical and incarnational involvement.

Sept 09

Ventures - Where we are going

John Wimber said:

Faith is spelled R. I. S. K.

A venture can be defined as an undertaking of uncertain outcome and with an element of risk. In our society risk can be scary and is seen as a thing to avoid at all costs. However, we are also given the example that when people become comfortable they can forget God and forget the needs of the poor, broken and marginalized. Risk and the discomfort that it brings can take you to places where you realize the reality of the world that you live in. When we undertake a venture with God it can be scary and risky yet God as a loving Father knows the end from the beginning and desires to help his children. Therefore, we move forward in hope and faith knowing that God, the maker of all things has a heart for the poor and will guide and lead us. The pathway may be unknown, but guided by the Holy Spirit the venture becomes an adventure and the risky place becomes an avenue that leads to holistic personal development and a Godly influence that impacts people and society.

Our current venture is with both:-

Oasis USA –
This is a Christian urban community development organization that is partnering with NGOs, local church, government and various local and international community organizations. Its focus is to meet the integrated needs of the poor within the LA metro area. this includes but is not limited to children at risk, people caught in slavery and trafficking. A major current focus is on the campaign for stopping human slavery and trafficking. This is being undertaken in conjunction with churches, local community groups, through international networks and in partnership with UN.GIFT program; the United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking. (see Stop the Traffik).

Kevin will assist Oasis in instigating community development initiatives and working with the Oasis USA team as it develops trafficked free communities. Linsey will be undertaking a course of study at the School of Intercultural Studies at Fuller theological Seminary to further develop and hone up our focus. Ben will undertake a GAP year with a chunk being spent in Chennai, India; Josh & Charys will continue at school.
See http://www.oasisusa.org/; http://www.oasisglobal.org/; www.fuller.edu/

Christian Growth international –
CGi is our supporting UK community and both Linsey and I are pastors within the CGi community. CGi is focused on resourcing people, communicating kingdom culture and church planting through a global relational network of church communities. They looks to empower and encourage individuals to develop their full potential, as well as help in community transformation. CGi has many facets and opportunities across its diverse network that benefits holistic growth . see http://ww.christiangrowthinternational.org/

Sept 09


Contact Us

Email our family - kevin@potterabout.com

If you are in the US:

Contact us at kevin@oasisusa.org
or through Paul Hong-Lang at
Oasis US
P.O. Box 2583
Pasadena, CA 91102-2583

web: www.oasisusa.org
Tel: 626.447. 0400 .

If you are in the UK:
Contact us at the above email address or through Richard Fox at Christian Growth International
4 Hanbury Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 3AE

Web: http://www.christiangrowthinternational.org/
Telephone: 01245 255775


Who are we?

We are a family of five, with an international flavor. This comes from the children and parents being born in various paces of the globe - Wales, Iran, England & India and having lived on the three different continents of Europe, Asia and North America.

We have been immersed amongst the various peoples in these areas and have enjoyed the schooling, wildlife, work, people and culture of each of them. Each has had its challenges and encouragements that have brought richness to our family.

Our journey now takes us to the city of Los Angeles, CA in the U.S.